Definition of cypress knees in English:

cypress knees

Pronunciation /ˈsīprəs nēz/ /ˈsaɪprəs niz/

plural noun

  • The cone-shaped exposed growths on the buttress roots of a bald cypress.

    ‘When she hits the stagnant water of a cold, shallow swamp, Emmie pulls her skirt higher, then looks for cypress knees and occasional rocks on which to take her from one point to the next, not thirty feet from the roadside.’
    • ‘A man named Tom Gaskins started an amazing museum of cypress knees in Palmdale, Florida.’
    • ‘Epiphytic orchids and airplants grow on the pond apple trees, ferns colonize fallen trees and establish themselves on the cypress knees, and red maples take advantage of breaks in the canopy.’
    • ‘I learned at Francis Beidler Forest that no one really knows the function of cypress knees.’
    • ‘Even after much research, scientists still debate the purpose of cypress knees.’