Definition of cyprinoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiprəˌnoid/ /ˈsɪprəˌnɔɪd/


  • A fish of a large group which includes the carps, suckers, and loaches, and (in some classification systems) the characins.

    Order Cypriniformes or superfamily Cyprinoidea

    ‘Everywhere in fresh waters, except in Australia, species of little cyprinoids or characoids are the principal forage fishes on which larger predators feed.’
    • ‘Other groups of fishes that are prominent in the collection include: characoids, cyprinoids, neotropical catfishes, sunfishes, gobies, blennies, serranids and flatfishes.’
    • ‘The cyprinoids, which are absent from South America, dominate the freshwaters of tropical Asia and the north-temperate zone of Eurasia.’
    • ‘There were several elegant villas built along the hillside, trees and flowers packed both sides of paths, and hundreds of cyprinoids in bright colors were chasing for feed in the lake.’
    • ‘It is also vital for all of our fish stocks that these larvae remain over the winter period as chironomids because they are a major food source for all cyprinoids.’


  • Relating to cyprinoid fish.

    ‘Among the naturally occurring fresh water fish, cyprinoid fish are among the dominating species as they successfully breed and reproduce in natural water reservoirs, streams or rivers and are being caught daily.’
    • ‘The fluke utilizes, respectively, freshwater snails and cyprinoid fish as its first and second intermediate hosts.’
    • ‘Infection with these food-borne parasites is prevalent in areas where uncooked cyprinoid fish are a staple of the diet.’
    • ‘Roach a small fish of the cyprinoid family, has a generally silvery appearance with the back dull green and the lower fins red.’
    • ‘Cyprinoid fish have been removed from the lake, and fish of the salmon family have been placed in it.’


Mid 19th century from modern Latin Cyprinoidea, based on Latin cyprinus ‘carp’ (from Greek kuprinos).