Definition of cytochemical in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈkemikəl/


See cytochemistry

‘The peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates demonstrated abnormal lymphoid cells with cytoplasmic projections that were weakly positive for tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase cytochemical staining.’
  • ‘The histologic, cytochemical, and immunohistochemical features resembled a carcinoid tumor, and metastasis to the bone marrow was considered initially.’
  • ‘A serious flaw in this system for the acute leukemias was the inability to differentiate the acute lymphoblastic leukemias through cytochemical testing.’
  • ‘Smears of peripheral blood were prepared by conventional manual slide technique and stained by Wright stain or various cytochemical staining methods.’
  • ‘The morphologic, cytochemical, and immunophenotypic findings supported the diagnosis of hairy cell leukemia.’
  • ‘Paraffin blocks, unstained slides, or both were available for cytochemical and immunohistochemical studies.’