Definición de cytogeneticist en inglés


Pronunciación /-jəˈnetəsist/



See cytogenetics

‘To offer a safe effective service, a multidisciplinary team needs to be established, including specialists in in vitro fertilisation, clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, cytogeneticists, and molecular biologists.’
  • ‘Since at that time I was one of the relatively small set of persons working seriously with human chromosomes, I had made friends with many other cytogeneticists throughout the world or at least was known to them.’
  • ‘Early cytogeneticists quantified genomes by analyzing the partition in chromosomes that were counted in cytological preparations.’
  • ‘All cytogenetic tests slides were coded and scored blind by two cytogeneticists.’
  • ‘Not only has plant cytogenetics gone through something of a revolution during the last two decades, but those plant cytogeneticists that have survived this period have also gone through the equivalent of a rebirth.’