Definition of cytogenetics in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsīdōjəˈnediks/ /ˌsaɪdoʊdʒəˈnɛdɪks/

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plural noun

treated as singular
  • The study of inheritance in relation to the structure and function of chromosomes.

    ‘She became one of the founders of the field of maize cytogenetics, the genetic study of maize at the cellular level.’
    • ‘Prenatal diagnosis for the detection of chromosomal abnormalities was carried out by conventional cytogenetics in the present study in the foetuses of high risk pregnancies in women attending a tertiary care facility in north India.’
    • ‘Laboratories performing cytology, cytogenetics or histocompatibility testing will undergo on-site inspection every two years.’
    • ‘Conventional cytogenetics is a validated technique to study the acquired gross chromosomal aberrations associated with human cancer.’
    • ‘The bone marrow was re-evaluated at the second relapse by morphology, morphometry, DNA ploidy, flow cytometry, and cytogenetics.’
    • ‘A major success in the investigation of causes of congenital heart disease comes from molecular cytogenetics and the use of chromosome fluorescent in situ hybridisation.’
    • ‘It was my interest in and enthusiasm about cells and their culture, first awakened there, that 14 years later was to direct me into human cytogenetics, thence human genetics.’
    • ‘In contrast to the advances in genetic and molecular studies, little is known about Antirrhinum cytogenetics.’
    • ‘Recent developments in molecular cytogenetics open new avenues to study mechanisms of interaction of chemicals with chromosomes.’
    • ‘Having a laboratory available to process fresh tissue for cytogenetics and molecular pathology is a key to success.’