Definition of cytokinesis in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsīdōkəˈnēsis/ /ˌsaɪdoʊkəˈnisɪs/


  • The cytoplasmic division of a cell at the end of mitosis or meiosis, bringing about the separation into two daughter cells.

    ‘Structural proteins are also used during mitosis and cytokinesis, the processes by which a cell reproduces itself.’
    • ‘The phialides produce chains of uninucleate conidia after repeated mitotic division and cytokinesis.’
    • ‘In plants, actin filaments have been implicated in cytokinesis, cell expansion and development.’
    • ‘Analysis of the double-mutant phenotype indicated that at the nonpermissive temperature, cells failed to undergo cytokinesis efficiently.’
    • ‘The key developmental processes of cytokinesis and cell expansion require vesicle trafficking to deposit new wall material and increase plasma membrane area.’
    • ‘Micronuclei are observed in binucleated cells in which cytokinesis has been inhibited.’
    • ‘In this type of endosperm, which is the most common in cereals, development starts with several rounds of divisions of the triploid nucleus without cytokinesis.’
    • ‘The ultimate conclusion of one cell cycle is cytokinesis resulting in two identical daughter cells.’
    • ‘Actin filaments and associated proteins are responsible for cellular movement, cytokinesis, and phagocytosis.’
    • ‘The separation of the buds may reflect an additional bud neck defect or the completion of cytokinesis in these mutants.’