Definition of cytolysis in English:



mass nounBiology
  • The dissolution or disruption of cells, especially by an external agent.

    • ‘Eosinophils in vitro exhibited different stages of apoptosis, ending with secondary necrosis distinct from in vivo eosinophil cytolysis.’
    • ‘The background showed mild cytolysis with only occasional monotonous round cells that showed hyperchromatic nuclei with a delicate chromatin pattern and foamy cytoplasm.’
    • ‘Because NAC has a direct antioxidant action in lymphocytes, concern has been expressed that NAC supplementation would inhibit the natural mechanism of cytolysis by neutrophils.’
    • ‘Degranulation via cytolysis involves eosinophil rupture and exudation of cellular contents, making eosinophils difficult to stain and recognize histologically.’
    • ‘Progressive swelling resulted in cytolysis and release of virions.’