Definition of cytosolic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsītəˈsälik/ /-ˈsôlik/



See cytosol

‘Protein was determined in both microsomal and cytosolic fractions using the Lowry procedure.’
  • ‘Cytoskeletal proteins are recruited from the cytosolic pool to the cell cortex, thereby reinforcing it.’
  • ‘Most biotic and abiotic stresses elicit an increase in cytosolic free calcium concentrations.’
  • ‘The increase in cytosolic calcium, released from the mitochondria and influx from the apoplast, contributes to this gene regulation.’
  • ‘Pollen tube growth is arrested by a cascade of events associated with an increase in cytosolic calcium and a disruption of the cytoskeleton.’
  • ‘The metabolism of this drug is primarily through reduction by cytosolic enzymes in the liver.’