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‘The couple's debut project-for-profit, a farmhouse in west Cork, has just come on the market, but they've been amateur dabblers for years.’
  • ‘In the available literature on film studies, dabblers and dilettantes abound.’
  • ‘I'm a dilettante, a dabbler, and it was easy for many years to let that keep me on the sidelines.’
  • ‘Each kit comes with full instructions, enabling even the most amateur DIY dabbler to put together their own boat.’
  • ‘To create Shakespeare suited for both purists and dabblers, guest director Tracy relies on her cast's ability to charge the text with physicality and meaning.’
  • ‘It is worth noting that most young criminals are dabblers and not persistent offenders.’
  • ‘I am a retired engineer and occasional dabbler in inventions.’
  • ‘Despite his bravura, Che's father, like many dabblers, never found real success, and the Guevaras weren't wealthy, whatever their pedigree.’



/ˈdab(ə)lər/ /ˈdæb(ə)lər/