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  • One's father.

    • ‘his dad was with him’
    • ‘what are you making, Dad?’
    • ‘Like so many modern dads, Sinise insists fatherhood far outweighs any of his career concerns.’
    • ‘Is it true your dad moved the family home just so you could be near a golf course?’
    • ‘I grew up in a big Irish family and my dad was a really bad gambler so we didn't have much money.’
    • ‘Andy has thrown his weight of support behind new calls for better paternity rights for dads.’
    • ‘Despite all of these challenges for dads and daughters, there are heartening signs.’
    • ‘The works are fun and brightly coloured and will appeal to sons and dads alike.’
    • ‘Proud dads have walked their daughters down this aisle and parents have christened their babies here.’
    • ‘Young dads got the chance to talk about their experiences and get some help and advice on fatherhood at the weekend.’
    • ‘Mums and dads in Billericay can learn how to be better parents as part of a pioneering project which is set to be expanded.’
    • ‘Mums and dads with work commitments can now leave their children in a safe and productive environment.’
    • ‘Newly-made mums and dads in the area are set to benefit from a range of activities to help them with their new baby.’
    • ‘A new group to help dads cope with parenthood is being launched in Bacup this week.’
    • ‘Mums and dads demonstrated outside the town's hospital in a bid to have it opened full-time.’
    • ‘Mums, dads and their children could be relocated as far away as Liverpool or Wigan under the scheme.’
    • ‘Our mums and dads never had anyone to help around the house, why should we?’
    • ‘I remember my dad told me the story of my great great grandfather.’
    • ‘Six months after his birth his dad left home, leaving his mother and all five children.’
    • ‘My real dad taught me how to draw when I was 4 years old.’
    • ‘My own dad walked out the day before my little brother was born in 1982.’
    • ‘He has been a doting dad and has been very confident with Jack from day one.’
    male parent



/dad/ /dæd/


Mid 16th century perhaps imitative of a young child's first syllables da, da.