Definition of dagga in English:



South African
  • Marijuana.

    ‘while we waited we shared pipes of dagga’
    • ‘Superintendent Oates said once the growers had harvested their crops, they passed the dagga on to dealers who used various methods to transport it to the major cities.’
    • ‘Most of the dagga had been confiscated by the organised crime unit with assistance from local dog unit members on the N2 near Komga during routine patrols.’
    • ‘Marais said the man had no knowledge of selling the dagga to the men and it was later found they had broken into a second house owned by him using the bolt cutter to cut a padlock.’
    • ‘Police acting on a tip-off raided the farm and destroyed the dagga.’
    • ‘Members of Sanab kept watch and when the truck stopped there at 3.40 am it was searched and the dagga found hidden among chemical containers.’



/ˈdaKHə/ /ˈdæxə/ /ˈdaɡə/ /ˈdæɡə/


Late 17th century from Afrikaans, from Khoikhoi dachab.