Definition of daily bread in English:

daily bread


  • The money or food that one needs in order to live.

    ‘she earned her daily bread by working long hours’
    • ‘What prompted this woman - earning her daily bread through selling live chickens and running a dry cleaning agency - to embark on such a mission?’
    • ‘To the extent that it undermines the stable provision of daily bread, it is actively dangerous to the safety and stability of the world, including to ourselves.’
    • ‘But for the integrity and the respect of the innocent billions, earning their daily bread under the confines of economic stagnation, that deserve a shelter of peace.’
    • ‘They have lived quite turbulent lives and devoted themselves to earning their daily bread.’
    • ‘Over 90 per cent of the people lived in the country and earned their daily bread and ale from the resources of the land.’
    • ‘The boys in their attempt to earn their daily bread clean tables and collect used plates and tumblers, with the disappointment writ large on their faces on finding children of the same age group enjoying delicious dishes.’
    • ‘Unlike the animals in the zoo, who lead a sedate life, animals in the Shanghai Circus have to earn their daily bread through hard training and good performances.’
    • ‘Which is why we not merely anticipate fresh disasters, of war or peace, but, contrary to all moral PC, firmly count on them for helping us continue to earn our daily bread.’
    • ‘He has to brave everything to earn his daily bread.’
    • ‘Above all, there is need for a paradigm shift from jobless to job-led growth in order to ensure that every poor person is enabled to earn his or her daily bread.’
    • ‘He earns his daily bread using his skills as an illustrator, while music just helps him ‘animate his sketches’.’
    • ‘Sometimes they would ride their carriage into the village, and there they would see poor people working hard to earn their daily bread.’
    • ‘Earl is more than capable of earning his daily bread at any time as a journalist of some regard at home and elsewhere around the region.’
    • ‘So the electric water heater has started earning its daily bread once more.’
    • ‘For the working class family, it may help their daily bread.’
    • ‘Will we always live in the shadows, more worried about the daily bread and less about the lasting values that we have always searched for?’
    • ‘It is considered honourable to earn one's daily bread through honest work and not by begging or dishonest means.’
    • ‘Many preachers are not supported full time, and must earn their daily bread in other work.’
    • ‘People here are preoccupied with money and resigned to the pressure to compete for their daily bread.’
    • ‘I would suggest that where something so desperately close to our very lives is concerned, our daily bread, we should not lightly ignore the question of who owns it lock, stock and barrel.’
    livelihood, income, source of income, means of support, means, subsistence, keep, maintenance, sustenance, nourishment, daily bread, upkeep