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nounplural noun dairymen

  • A man who is employed in a dairy or sells dairy products.

    ‘Of those fifteen per cent who did have some experience many had only worked as farm labourers, gardeners, station hands, dairymen or bushmen.’
    • ‘William Siebenborn, a Missouri dairyman and UDIA chairman, said forging a single dairy marketing plan and vision will help boost worldwide demand for U.S. dairy products.’
    • ‘Hilmar, a privately held corporation, was established in 1984 by a group of 12 Jersey dairymen.’
    • ‘At the extreme lows, we know the dairymen can't survive, and at the extreme highs we know you can't sell cheese,’ Jensen says.’
    • ‘But grazing dairymen are proud of being profitable, and are glad to tell you how they are doing it.’
    • ‘It is not the first attempt at supply management by American dairymen.’
    • ‘The Ohio dairyman was cited as one of the state's ‘greatest drivers, leaders and promoters in today's dairy industry.’’
    • ‘But the dairy industry, has become more flexible and proactive, as the marketing gains of the past year show, said Rovey, an Arizona dairyman.’
    • ‘He milks 100 cows and has been a dairyman for 32 years.’
    • ‘Citrus growers, dairymen, the grain-milling industry, pickle producers - almost anyone could and did make extravagant claims.’
    • ‘Farmers wanted a core of permanent workers available all year round, including skilled tractor drivers, dairymen, and others who worked with machinery.’
    • ‘Her husband, David, who is the society's publicity officer, is a dairyman who also has a small-holding.’
    • ‘If this seems an extreme idea, president of United dairy Farmers of Victoria, and a dairyman himself, Max Fehring will assure you that it is not.’
    • ‘My grandfather was a longtime dairyman who delivered milk to area businesses and the local college.’
    • ‘Paul, now coordinator of environmental services for the Western United dairymen, had another goal.’
    • ‘Cumbria dairymen continued direct action at milk processing plants this week in pursuit of a better farmgate price for milk.’
    • ‘He predicts that if exposed to more U.S. competition, most dairymen will do just fine.’
    • ‘These traditions have always been a comfort for Tevye, the local dairyman.’
    • ‘Dutch dairyman Ronald Akkerman has set out his plans for operating a new cheese plant near Workington.’
    • ‘Third generation Fresno dairyman Mark McAfee has designed a ‘pro-cow’ environment that leads to pathogen-free raw milk.’



/ˈderēmən/ /ˈdɛrimən/ /ˈderēˌman/ /ˈdɛriˌmæn/