Definition of daminozide in English:



  • A growth retardant sprayed on vegetables and fruit, especially apples, to enhance the quality of the crop. In the US, the application of daminozide is now restricted to ornamental plants owing to the potential health risks of consuming the chemical.

    Chemical formula: C₆H₁₂N₂O₃

    ‘In perhaps its most famous fight, Mothers & Others led a campaign in the late 1980s against the use of the chemical daminozide.’
    • ‘However, the special review of daminozide for use on ornamental plants, the remaining registration, will continue.’
    • ‘Residues of daminozide have been found in both raw products and processed foods.’
    • ‘The half-life of daminozide in soil is approximately 21 days.’
    • ‘Eating an apple a day treated with the chemical daminozide could cause cancer over a lifetime, the Environmental Protection Agency said today in recommending a ban of the pesticide.’



/dəˈminəˌzīd/ /dəˈmɪnəˌzaɪd/