Definition of damn someone or something with faint praise in English:

damn someone or something with faint praise


  • Praise someone or something so unenthusiastically as to imply condemnation.

    ‘it was a wretched review, damning poor Lisa with faint praise’
    • ‘In truth, she damns her idols with faint praise.’
    • ‘It was generally a good experience for him, but he damns his teachers with faint praise; they were adequate, but uninspiring.’
    • ‘He opens by damning the piece with faint praise, calling it ‘well-intentioned,’ possessing ‘merits of its own.’’
    • ‘Black thinks it's their best work to date, though he admits this is damning it with faint praise.’
    • ‘So without wanting to damn Simon with faint praise by making that comparison, I don't believe that that's the issue.’
    • ‘Not to damn him with faint praise, then, I'll also add that he is one of the more intelligent supporters of the war.’
    • ‘In 1953, he damns Jaques with faint praise by referring to her as the ‘most skilful practitioner’ of ‘the doggerel school’.’
    • ‘I will admit the animation itself is nice, which is essentially my way of damning the film with faint praise.’
    • ‘This is an interesting evening and that is not damning it with faint praise.’
    • ‘The student never quite got the point that the article damned Luther by faint praise.’