Definition of damn well in English:

damn well


  • Used to emphasize a statement, especially when the speaker is angry.

    • ‘this is your mess and you can damn well clear it up!’
    • ‘Remind the DJ or band that they work for you, and they'll damn well play anything you want.’
    • ‘It's not a perfect solution, but it worked pretty damn well for the Soviet Union.’
    • ‘They damn well knew what they were facing, and the consequences fit the bill appropriately.’
    • ‘Politicians know damn well that sometimes you need to shake the hand of the person you hate to get what you want.’
    • ‘Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows damn well that I am not PC.’
    • ‘That they will buy and eat what they damn well please, and to hell with the consequences of it.’
    • ‘The people who sent him those letters should now damn well feel obliged to make amends.’
    • ‘Why do we reach for the stars, knowing damn well that the stars are not ours to be had?’
    • ‘If he wasn't a goalie in his youth, then he damn well should have been, and it's about time he started pulling his considerable weight.’
    • ‘If he was bored with the idea of a wife, he could damn well refuse to marry.’