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  • A thing that has a restraining or subduing effect.

    ‘television and booze, those twin dampeners of the revolutionary spirit’
    • ‘Of course, none of this has put a dampener on the Championship celebrations - nothing could put a dampener on that.’
    • ‘We had such a wonderful day and can no longer look back on our memories on the film, which put a bit of a dampener on things.’
    • ‘She said: ‘Last year we were in the grip of the foot and mouth crisis and it really put a dampener on the celebrations.’’
    • ‘The team had a great time and the only dampener on their visit was the rain at the closing ceremony.’
    • ‘Onochie's injury put a dampener on a good result for the Terrors, who kept their first clean sheet of the season with a 3-0 win over their lowlier opponents.’
    • ‘Two articles I wrote were unceremoniously dumped by both The Guardian and The Times, which put a dampener on my plans.’
    • ‘The only dampener on the week for the Blues was the side's inability to overcome the Blues netball side at their own game.’
    • ‘The captain has the respect of his players and he found the first half of the season hugely enjoyable but his gammy knee has put a bit of a dampener on things.’
    • ‘Well, probably because if you ask people what they really want for Christmas, you get treated as though you have put a dampener on the entire festive season.’
    • ‘An antiquated licensing law may put a dampener on New Year's Eve revelry across the county and give licensees and police a major headache.’
    • ‘Organising a wedding should be an enjoyable experience, but often the stress of making the arrangements can put a dampener on the big day.’
    • ‘Lacklustre ticket sales and a reduction in the space occupied by the festival was not enough to throw a dampener on Gig on the Green revellers.’
    • ‘The celebrations could commence, but the arrogant Tabs put a dampener on the event by failing to bring the Moynihan Cup with them.’
    • ‘But injuries to her jaw meant she was unable to chew, putting a real dampener on the Christmas celebrations.’
    • ‘A hamstring injury after just 10 miles put a dampener on his attempts to smash the six-hour barrier.’
    • ‘The weather did its best to put a dampener on things, but it could not stop the 2004 Bradford Mela being one of the best ever.’
    • ‘By midway through the half United were in rude enough health, the only dampener on their day being that miss by Crawford.’
    • ‘It quite saddened me for a while and put a dampener on my spirits.’
    • ‘The other dampener would be an increase in interest rates, but the Bank of England has shown no signs it wants to raise them.’
    • ‘The wet weather on Saturday put a dampener on events over the weekend.’
    shrew, curmudgeon, discontent, complainer, grumbler, moaner, fault-finder, carper



/ˈdampənər/ /ˈdæmpənər/


    put a dampener on
    • Have a depressing, subduing, or inhibiting effect on.

      • ‘the comments put a dampener on such an amazing trip’