Definition of damping-off in English:



  • A plant disease occurring in excessively damp conditions, in particular the collapse and death of young seedlings as a result of a fungal infection.

    The disease is commonly caused by fungi of the genera Pythium (phylum Oomycota) or Fusarium (phylum Ascomycota)

    ‘It is often recommended to use a sterilized, soil-free starter mix to prevent diseases such as damping-off from taking hold of tender seedlings.’
    • ‘Apron is a systemic fungicide for controlling seedling damping-off diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora during the first four weeks after seeding.’
    • ‘Seed treatment with metalaxyl or use of Phytophthora-resistant varieties reduces seedling damping-off and improves stands.’
    • ‘The one notable exception to this is the use of fungicide seed treatment on alfalfa for control of seedling damping-off caused by Phytophthora.’
    • ‘Phytophthora specific fungicide seed treatments are available to help prevent loss of stands due to seedling damping-off.’
    • ‘Fumigate or heat-sterilize the soil to prevent the growth of damping-off fungi during early seedling growth.’
    • ‘Not only will controlling your watering help to prevent fungus gnats, it will prevent the second most common problem, damping-off.’
    • ‘Watering from the bottom directs the water to the root zone and prevents puddling on the soil surface, which could lead to damping-off.’
    • ‘There are also specially formulated products on the market that can be applied to the surface of the soil when you are planting seeds that will help stop damping-off from developing.’
    • ‘Brown, water-soaked stems and yellow, wilted leaves are the primary symptoms of post-emergence damping-off.’
    • ‘Pre-emergence and post-emergence damping-off caused by fungi is most common in poorly drained, cold soils.’