Definition of dance to someone's tune in English:

dance to someone's tune


  • Comply completely with someone's demands and wishes.

    ‘she had to stay on her best behavior and dance to his tune’
    • ‘I denied vigorously that we were dancing to their tune - I protested that I was acting only in the long-term interests of the BBC.’
    • ‘He has the world's only superpower dancing to his tune.’
    • ‘He not only held the finalists in a trance, but also the audience that comprised students and teachers dancing to his tune.’
    • ‘Movies that are truly great are group efforts where everybody adds something, not just everybody dancing to the director 's tune.’
    • ‘You elected them and they should dance to your tune if they want to secure another term in office.’
    • ‘Our freedom to use what is ours is being taken away from us unless we dance to their tune and pay up.’