Definition of dang in English:


(also danged)

Pronunciation /daNG/ /dæŋ/

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informal North American
  • Used to emphasize something, especially to express anger or frustration.

    • ‘just get the dang car started!’
    • ‘every danged day, it seems like there's bad news’
    • ‘this is the dangedest thing I have ever seen’
    • ‘some of the stuff was just dang strange’
    • ‘Those in the know will understand why, and for those who haven't - well, dang!’
    • ‘It's easy to see that a certain drifting melancholy was the goal, and I suppose it's successful in that regard - but dang!’
    • ‘I rarely get to go to parties, and I suppose it was selfish to act like a guest at my own soirâe, but dang: I had a fine time.’
    • ‘The video is on the CD and its dang cool as well.’
    • ‘On top of it all, Braff has a pretty dang funny blog.’


informal North American
  • Used for emphasis or to express anger or frustration.

    • ‘dang, I hate not knowing if this is even being read!’
    • ‘dang, that's a good story’

transitive verb

[with object]informal North American
  • Used in various expressions for emphasis or to express anger or frustration.

    • ‘I'll be danged!’
    • ‘dang me, I wish I was as strong as I used to be’
    • ‘ dang it, Phil, stop snoring!’


Late 18th century euphemism for damn.