Definition of danger area in English:

danger area


  • 1An area in which there is a high risk of harm.

    ‘plans were already being made for schools to be evacuated from the danger area’
    • ‘if you live in a hurricane danger area, gather your storm supplies’
    • ‘They wanted to get to the back of the train, away from the danger area.’
    • ‘Gavin returned to the danger area vintage mine, getting a large thorn in his foot on the way.’
    • ‘Cynical bombers telephoned a warning which drove civilians into the danger area.’
    • ‘Under proposed amendments to the Civil Contingencies Bill, the police will be able to evacuate danger areas should a "catastrophic incident" occur.’
    • ‘They call in an air strike and the troop must quickly leave the danger area.’
    • ‘Infantry secured danger areas before the armor passed.’
    • ‘The convoy commander is responsible for issuing the convoy brief, which includes the mission, route orientation, times, checkpoints, road conditions, danger areas, and enemy activity.’
    • ‘A blast danger area is established and cleared around the launch pad, with the closest safe location for the public to view a launch being about four miles from the site.’
    • ‘Cruise-liners took a different route 'to avoid danger areas'.’
    • ‘County Council staff moved in quickly to put sand on to the affected road and place warning signs close to the danger area.’
    1. 1.1Something that is controversial or needs to be treated with care.
      ‘housing is another danger area’
      • ‘the one danger area for him is a healthcare disaster’
      • ‘Regarding the older age groups, he admits to a little concern, as this is the 'danger area' for players dropping away from sport generally.’
      • ‘Child protection proceedings are one danger area peculiar to paediatricians, and angry parents can be just as violent as angry patients.’
      • ‘Concert listings provide such a danger area, it being so easy to publish and then abandon or forget.’
      • ‘As I wrote last year, the publication of information which becomes out of date very quickly is, or should be, a danger area for the web designer/publisher.’
      • ‘The danger area for most collectors unable to afford these quality items is the mass of furniture that has perhaps the right form, but lacks both the detail and conviction that any genuine work of art must possess.’
      • ‘The typical danger areas are buying property, offshore trusts, transferring funds to spouses and children, and dealing with unusual requests from the beneficiaries of a will.’
      • ‘They will have to keep a wary eye on the changing business and legal climate, in order to spot danger areas that might tempt an unscrupulous executive to step outside the law.’
      • ‘Any member of the household wishing to pursue a profession was advised to "consider" appointing a non-executive director as a watchdog to help spot the danger areas and avoid "problems of allegations of exploitation of royal status".’
      • ‘One danger area is the willingness of banks and other financial institutions to take on increasing risk in the search for profits in the face of declining opportunities.’
      • ‘The obvious danger areas are crime, immigration, and security.’