Definition of danger sign in English:

danger sign


  • An indication that a bad or dangerous situation is likely to develop.

    ‘parents of young addicts often miss the early danger signs’
    • ‘We've got some very serious economic danger signs.’
    • ‘Health chiefs ordered an independent inquiry to investigate whether experts treating Salmon should have spotted the danger signs.’
    • ‘In time, you'd learn the danger signs all on your own.’
    • ‘Anything below 50 percent for an incumbent is considered a danger sign in an election year.’
    • ‘Well, there are real danger signs for Republicans right now.’
    • ‘Already, some danger signs are starting to emerge.’
    • ‘There's all the danger signs here of a writer who, unsatisfied with his own high intelligence, wishes instead to be wise.’
    • ‘More obvious danger signs are scorch marks on the fabric.’
    • ‘What's more, you need more than one or two public servants spotting the danger signs to justify action.’
    • ‘One doesn't need to wait for someone to put up a web site to see the danger signs.’
    • ‘I was one of a group of six economists warning of the danger signs during the last election.’
    • ‘What is clear, however, is that the danger signs are flashing red.’
    • ‘There is no known way to prevent meningitis, it is therefore important to be aware of the danger signs.’
    • ‘I've already noticed more than one danger sign of addiction.’
    • ‘I have been warning for a long time that there are danger signs in the economy which are being ignored.’
    • ‘Parents are the first to see danger signs.’
    • ‘Other danger signs to look for are stale, stuffy or smelly air.’
    • ‘The danger signs are obvious, they say.’
    • ‘However, smoking produces no damage in many people and most smokers respond to danger signs by stopping.’
    • ‘They left in 1936 because my father saw the danger signs.’