Definition of Danish pastry in English:

Danish pastry

Pronunciation /ˈdāniSH ˈpāstrē/ /ˈdeɪnɪʃ ˈpeɪstri/

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  • A pastry made of sweetened yeast dough with toppings or fillings such as fruit, nuts, or cheese.

    ‘These were her friends and customers, people who plied her with steaming cups of coffee and Danish pastries in the morning, and invited her to their Christmas and office parties.’
    • ‘Meringues are considered pastries, and Danish pastries form a special group.’
    • ‘Dawson reaches for a Danish pastry from the basket proffered to him by his publishers.’
    • ‘Best of all is the breakfast: home-made pain aux raisins and Danish pastries.’
    • ‘The menu mentioned toasted teacakes, scones, doughnuts, Danish pastries and flapjack.’
    • ‘In the London store last week, punters were lolling on comfy chairs and eating Danish pastries.’
    • ‘The first call is the bakery for a coffee and Danish pastry.’
    • ‘You can get a mug of coffee from a machine and a Danish pastry for under £1.’
    • ‘The cafe sold a variety of refreshments including light lunches, cakes, Danish pastries and hot and cold drinks for visitors to the museum.’
    • ‘Ann had selected Danish pastries, one with pecan nuts for her and raisins for me.’
    • ‘Ann's Danish pastry disappeared quickly and I was equally satisfied with a slice of fruit cake and Wensleydale cheese.’
    • ‘They will arrive at Waterloo Station to catch the 10.30 am train for a weekend visit to friends in Hampshire. They will buy a paper, a coffee and a Danish pastry.’
    • ‘There were dainty Danish pastries and an excellent selection of breads (grain, white, fruit), which guests just popped into the conveyor-style toaster plus juices, coffee and tea.’
    • ‘Hundreds of fans were in their seats early for an English breakfast of bacon and eggs, Danish pastries or a traditional Scandinavian breakfast of smoke salmon and scrambled eggs.’
    • ‘All-butter croissants, crusty French baguettes, Mediterranean ciabatta rolls, Danish pastries and choccacino rolls are all baked by their own unique computer programmes in the new ovens.’
    • ‘I spent an hour with my feet up reading newspapers and eating Danish pastries, getting paid for it as well!’
    • ‘I saw that a Danish pastry with either tea or coffee would cost £2.95.’
    • ‘And then, home, to a decent, big mug of coffee complemented with a nice fresh Danish pastry.’
    • ‘This has worked out well for the cafe, as I have spent a minimum of €150 there on coffee, bagels and Danish pastries there over the last 30 days.’
    • ‘You'll start each of this trip's 15 days with platters of Danish pastries, mounds of Swedish pancakes, and no fewer than 12 varieties of yogurt.’