Definition of dariole in English:



(also dariole mold)
  • (in French cooking) a small, round metal mold in which an individual sweet or savory dish is cooked and served.

    ‘set the filled darioles in the saucepan’
    • ‘Divide mixture into creased moulds and bake for 30 minutes by placing the moulds (use individual dariole moulds or ovenproof ramekins) in a deep baking tray with at least one and a half centimetres of water in the bottom of the tray.’
    • ‘Spoon into six lightly oiled dariole moulds or mini-pudding moulds, cover with cling film and chill overnight.’
    • ‘Cut a round from each of six slices of bread, dip into the reserved juice, then place in the bases of either ramekins or dariole moulds.’
    • ‘Pour the mixture into six very lightly oiled dariole moulds or 7.5cm ramekins, cover and chill for four hours or until set.’
    • ‘Pass through a fine sieve and pour into four or six dariole moulds, putting into the refrigerator to set.’
    • ‘Now press the mix into dariole moulds and chill in the fridge.’



/ˈderēˌōl/ /ˈdɛriˌoʊl/


Late Middle English from Old French.