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  • (of a person) having brown or black skin.

    ‘Australia's first inhabitants were dark-skinned nomadic hunters’
    • ‘All of a sudden, a beautiful dark-skinned girl walked in, her black hair sweeping behind her in a flowing curtain.’
    • ‘A dark-skinned woman with a cane stepped out of the elevator.’
    • ‘I was fourteen or fifteen, already into my diet and exercise phase, tall, muscular, and dark-skinned.’
    • ‘Inspired by his hero H. L. Mencken, always on the lookout for hypocrisy, Thurman found it in the uneven way that color prejudice is applied to dark-skinned women.’
    • ‘For their part, the dark-skinned highlanders were amazed to confront men so pale that they seemed like spirits of the dead.’
    • ‘When I was in Kerala I photographed a scene of dark-skinned Indians in line in front of a movie billboard depicting all light-skinned actors.’



/ˌdärkˈskind/ /ˌdɑrkˈskɪnd/