Definition of dark adaptation in English:

dark adaptation


  • The adjustment of the eye to low light intensities, involving reflex dilation of the pupil and activation of the rod cells in preference to the cone cells.

    ‘The study recorded oscillatory potentials in seven patients with type 2 diabetes and eight age-matched control subjects during oxygen inhalation after dark adaptation.’
    • ‘This important observation suggests that rhabdomeric sGC expression is a fundamental property of locust photoreceptor cells, perhaps linked to photoreceptor dark adaptation in both kinds of eye.’
    • ‘Several studies demonstrated depressed critical flicker frequencies, reduced sensitivity to light during dark adaptation, shorter visualevoked response and isolated occipital disinhibition upon eye closure.’
    • ‘Brighter light makes dark adaptation more difficult, which you'll notice when your eyes try to readjust to look outside again.’
    • ‘The dark adaptation threshold was determined by increasing the light intensity of the light bars until the subject perceived the bars and gave the correct answer concerning the direction.’
    • ‘Following dark adaptation, photoreceptor responses to brief light exposures were recorded.’
    • ‘It principally manifests itself as an increase of the dark adaptation threshold, nystagmus, and often moderate to high short-sightedness, although the refractive state may be long sighted or normal.’
    • ‘Dark adaptation values for twelve healthy volunteers were measured as the visual threshold after 30 minutes of dark adaptation, before and two hours after intake of BCA (at three dose levels: 50, 25, and 12.5 mg/subject) or placebo.’
    • ‘The light emission from this complex and the other compounds in Table 1 is bright enough to be seen easily without dark adaptation of the eye.’