Definition of darkroom in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdärkˌro͞om/ /ˈdɑrkˌrum/ /ˈdärkˌro͝om/ /ˈdɑrkˌrʊm/

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  • A room from which normal light is excluded, used for developing photographs.

    ‘A boy develops photographs in the school darkroom.’
    • ‘I also made color separation negatives from color transparencies by enlarging in the darkroom.’
    • ‘Many years ago I experimented with black & white photography in the darkroom.’
    • ‘Then it was straight off to the darkroom to run off photographs of our esteemed educators in various sizes.’
    • ‘The paper still shoots film - black-and-white film - at a time when digital cameras have made darkrooms quaint.’
    • ‘Then he again disappeared into the darkroom to develop the plate.’
    • ‘Her class had been working in the darkroom, developing their pictures.’
    • ‘If I could have my own darkroom, I'd develop my own film and print my work myself.’
    • ‘She then opened the door and stepped back into the dim red light of the darkroom.’
    • ‘I said that darkrooms were being closed in droves and that the industry trend was clearly digital.’
    • ‘I recently constructed a new darkroom and built one of these UV exposure units into it.’
    • ‘Complete darkroom and printing facilities are available for the entire workshop.’
    • ‘The glossy whiteness, cast with the yellow or red of the darkroom's safelight, begins to stir with a vague smoky shadow.’
    • ‘Elias is taking pictures for a class project, and stops off at the darkroom to do some developing before heading out to shoot some more.’
    • ‘By refining the image in the darkroom, a photographer can make the same image appear dark and moody or light and airy.’
    • ‘Holding the dripping print in her hand Tang left the darkroom to see it in the white lights.’
    • ‘He had learnt from Man Ray how to enhance effects by manipulating images in the darkroom, and he cropped and retouched until each print was ready lot reproduction.’
    • ‘In a darkroom floating in a bath of developer an image slowly materializes.’
    • ‘From one darkroom with one developing tank, the new lab now had three darkrooms on site.’
    • ‘Bathed in the red glow of the darkroom safelight, Ian McDonald was staring hard at a ruined photograph.’