Definition of darned in English:


(also durned)

Pronunciation /därnd/ /dɑrnd/

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informal North American
euphemism for damned
‘you have to work a darned sight harder’
  • ‘they're darned good songwriters’
  • ‘And if you look at the people that - the new construction, based on these four storms, our building code is pretty darned good.’
  • ‘I thought it was odd at the time because leather is pretty darned durable and not likely to tear.’
  • ‘Fortier called his scope/ice block creation a ‘Zeissicle,’ but I'm darned if I can think of a clever name for the Leupold version.’
  • ‘I'm not going to downplay my skill as a teacher, but I will say there are a good many everyday teachers out there who are passionate about what they do and are darned good at it.’