Definition of darning egg in English:

darning egg


  • An egg-shaped piece of wood or other smooth hard material used to stretch and support material being darned.

    ‘She had brought out her sewing basket and was darning socks, stretching the worn-through heels or toes over her darning egg and weaving them whole again with her needle and thread.’
    • ‘In earlier times, socks were mended with the use of a wooden darning egg, a practice rarely seen today.’
    • ‘I have a collection of wooden darning mushrooms which belonged to my grandmother who made socks.’
    • ‘Bakelite darning mushrooms are easy to find as well - great for mending your hand knit socks.’
    • ‘These darning eggs are hand turned on a wood lathe and then hand painted with durable paint.’
    • ‘I have a couple of wooden darning eggs and when ready to graft, drop one down the leg and it ends up at the toe.’
    • ‘We were doing the mending after breakfast, pushing darning eggs down into the heels of Father's socks, hoping to make them last another winter.’
    • ‘The family cat had a fondness for wool and often chewed holes in things that had been left on the floor, so the darning egg saw a lot of use.’
    • ‘Turn of the Century darning eggs have a hard maple ‘egg’ and an ornate handle of Wild Cherry or Black Walnut.’