Definition of dartboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdärtbôrd/ /ˈdɑrtbɔrd/

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  • A circular board marked with numbered segments, used as a target in the game of darts.

    ‘Large indoor games - these might include table tennis, snooker, table football or a dartboard with rubber-tipped darts, but you need plenty of space, such as a garage, to set them up.’
    • ‘If you're standing in front of a dart board and you're trying to hit the bull's eye, you are bound to miss sometimes, but your errors will be randomly distributed around the middle of the dartboard.’
    • ‘Yes, it had some snack and coffee machines, but he also added some things specifically intended to relieve stress: Silly Putty, a dartboard, a videogame, a TV, and some magazines.’
    • ‘It will be the best of five games and there will be six dartboards in operation.’
    • ‘There were lots of games and toys under the bunks and dartboards on the walls.’
    • ‘It received a big boost in 1937, when the King and Queen toured a social club in Slough, Berkshire and casually threw darts at a dartboard.’
    • ‘Indeed, had he reversed the shafts and thrown flight first, the dart would still have buried itself to a depth of three inches: the dartboard never stood a chance.’
    • ‘The ‘dartboard’ is a specific target face 122 cm in diameter laid out with scoring zones exactly the same as for a dartboard.’
    • ‘Shek glanced at the dartboard once before letting her own dart fly.’
    • ‘There are 121,645,100,408,832,000 different possible arrangements of the 20 segments on a standard dartboard so it is perhaps a little surprising that Gamlin's arrangement of the numbers is almost perfect.’
    • ‘Pubs will have to replace dartboards with mirrors, bored barmaids will have to idle away the hours polishing stemmed glasses.’
    • ‘In addition to its Nautical theme, this bar features much to keep you entertained, such as dartboards, pool tables, and video games.’
    • ‘Fans of pub sports are in for a treat, with a pool table, two dartboards and a quiz machine.’
    • ‘The club has a fully stocked, inexpensive bar and restaurant, complete with pool table and dartboards.’
    • ‘He then balanced the knife on the end of his index finger, flipped it around, grabbed it by the handle, and almost simultaneously threw it at the dartboard, blade landing dead center of the bulls-eye.’
    • ‘If one throws darts at a dartboard and it has a uniform chance of landing anywhere on the dartboard, then the mean coordinate (EX, EY) is on the bullseye.’
    • ‘Lange says that Brash has ‘thrown a dart at the dartboard and hit the bullseye’, but shouldn't mistake that for the beginning of a pro-National revolution.’
    • ‘Now why cannot we have restaurants or bars with billiard rooms, dartboards, whirlpool and snooker tables?’
    • ‘There was a dartboard, and a pool table, and random teenagers and young adults standing around, or sitting and drinking, all of them loud and boisterous and in plain high spirits.’
    • ‘Sam was lazily tossing darts at the dartboard where they had pinned up a picture of a black shadow with a question mark beside it.’