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Pronunciation /daSHt/ /dæʃt/

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  • 1British informal, dated Used for emphasis.

    • ‘it's a dashed shame’
    • ‘she was dashed rude’
    • ‘Holyrood palace is teeming with life, and the dashed thing about it is that the grouse season hasn't even opened yet.’
    • ‘Biography, as Bertie Wooster might have put it, is a dashed tricky business.’
    • ‘On the face of it - and a dashed pretty face it is too - Sophia Myles is a bundle of cliches.’
    damned, damn, damnable, wretched, accursed, rotten, horrible
  • 2(of a line on a piece of paper) composed of dashes.

    ‘The branches that were constrained are indicated by dashed lines.’
    • ‘The dashed line indicates the average level of / K for A. thaliana.’
    • ‘The horizontal dashed line indicates the LOD score threshold of 2.7.’
    • ‘Dots represent brood means, while the dashed line indicates identical levels of heterozygosity of WPY and EPY.’
    • ‘The joint separating these coronoids is indistinct, and its general course only is indicated with a dashed line in Figure 6.1.’
    • ‘Branches for PAIs shown in dashed lines indicate models with the largest RMSD values and lowest confidence’
    • ‘Other interesting taxa are listed in boxes within the tree, with their possible phylogenetic positions signified by dashed lines.’
    • ‘The dashed line and lowercase letters represent intron sequences and the solid line and uppercase letters represent exon sequences.’
    • ‘The thick solid line is the median estimate, and the dashed lines show the 95% HPD limits.’
    • ‘In Figure 13, the solid lines represent fractures, whereas the dashed lines represent internal growth bands.’
    • ‘A dashed line, for instance, represents the most tenuous relationship, whereas a jagged line denotes a conflicted one.’
    • ‘Couper's suggestion of using dotted lines and short dashed lines for the bonds between atoms was a much better system and was soon widely adopted.’
    • ‘The dashed lines represent four residues present in the S. cerevisiae sequence that are missing from the C. albicans protein.’
    • ‘Note the increase in oocyte volume (denoted by dashed line) and concomitant decrease in nurse cell volume.’
    • ‘The intersection of dashed and solid lines marks the equilibrium proportion of searchers when the pay-offs for the two strategies are equal.’
    • ‘The dashed line shows where the ratio between the numbers of synonymous and nonsynonymous substitutions per site is 1.0.’
    • ‘Significance thresholds for each trait were determined by permutation and are denoted by dashed lines with the same color code as the traits.’
    • ‘Normal plasma concentrations are indicated in dashed lines.’
    • ‘Recombination events are indicated by dashed oblique lines.’
    • ‘The upper sequence boundaries will be drawn in thick black lines and the lower sequence boundaries will be drawn in thinner dashed black lines.’