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  • A structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.

    ‘a database covering nine million workers’
    • ‘database systems’
    • ‘This will search the surface Web, and will access the online databases to search for information there as well.’
    • ‘Big databases means big software and big computer systems, and these cost millions to develop and to maintain.’
    • ‘Access to computer databases mean instant checks can be carried out.’
    • ‘Mobile data will allow remote access to all the databases and software applications a firm can muster.’
    • ‘The database can cluster data in a flexibly shaped container of submodules or circuit cells.’
    • ‘One in 10 corporate databases connected to the Internet had a breach of security last year.’
    • ‘Computerised databases and the internet have made it easier to conduct research.’
    • ‘Data is entered online and can be downloaded into an Access database for analysis.’
    • ‘Bank accounts themselves are no longer recorded in ledgers but on computer databases.’
    • ‘This number is cross-referenced with hospital databases to give a patient's medical records.’
    • ‘All asylum seekers are now fingerprinted and checked against UK and EU databases.’
    • ‘She warned that inaccuracies in employment databases have hurt people's chances of getting the job.’
    • ‘Creating unified government databases of citizen records increases the risk of ID theft.’
    • ‘CAPPS-II was designed to check passenger names through commercial databases.’
    • ‘The UK currently has one of the largest DNA databases in the world, and it is growing fast.’
    • ‘The government is working on protocols so it can link all its departments' databases together.’
    • ‘States that fail to link up their databases will become ineligible for federal money.’
    • ‘We are able to cross reference the information supplied by dealers with that on our database.’
    • ‘She had said that the ID card scheme was going to create a super database spying on us all.’
    • ‘I have access to online libraries, databases and thousands of resources.’



/ˈdadəˌbās/ /ˈdædəˌbeɪs/ /ˈdādəˌbās/ /ˈdeɪdəˌbeɪs/