Definition of daughter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdôdər/ /ˈdɔdər/ /ˈdädər/ /ˈdɑdər/

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  • 1A girl or woman in relation to either or both of her parents.

    female child, girl
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    1. 1.1A female offspring of an animal.
      child, baby, infant, son, daughter, youngster, little one, tot, tiny tot
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    2. 1.2A female descendant.
      • ‘we are the sons and daughters of Adam’
    3. 1.3A woman considered in relation to her native country or area.
      • ‘the tennis champ was one of California's most famous daughters’
    4. 1.4A woman considered as the product of a particular person, influence, or environment.
      • ‘a daughter of the dry savannas of Africa’
    5. 1.5archaic Used as a term of affectionate address to a woman or girl, typically by an older person.
    6. 1.6literary A thing personified as a daughter in relation to its origin or source.
      • ‘Italian, the eldest daughter of ancient Latin’
  • 2Physics
    A nuclide formed by the radioactive decay of another.

    • ‘as radon gas decays it produces daughters that attach themselves to dust particles’


  • Originating through division or replication.

    • ‘daughter cells’


Old English dohtor, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dochter and German Tochter, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek thugatēr.