Definition of dauntingly in English:



See daunting

‘Cut off from the world and supported by a private income, he composed dauntingly huge pieces which were regarded as all but unplayable.’
  • ‘Despite her shorts and tee shirt she seemed dauntingly Edwardian and thick-skirtish.’
  • ‘It's got one of the most dauntingly bleak and unhappy endings imaginable.’
  • ‘With or without Britain's contribution, the task of cleaning up Russia's far north is dauntingly immense.’
  • ‘The testing equipment can also prove dauntingly expensive for relevant agencies.’
  • ‘This is a dauntingly monumental volume, and it shouldn't be read in one gulp.’
  • ‘Unlike many recent fantasies, at 215 pages it isn't dauntingly long.’
  • ‘Although the turnover increased dramatically to stg £13.6 million, the losses are still dauntingly high.’
  • ‘The dauntingly solid volumes also offer the reader an anthology of short extracts, specific illustrations of usage and enough etymological information to satisfy the more academic reader.’
  • ‘Roughly 150,000 titles are published each year in the U.S. Without the imprimatur and promotional budget of a major publishing house, the odds of breaking through are dauntingly slim.’
  • ‘It's a valid, though dauntingly huge question, and I'll try to begin to answer it here with reference to one subject which has been in my mind recently.’
  • ‘Taken as a whole, the criticism produced by the Men of Letters throughout the first three-quarters of the nineteenth century was dauntingly didactic.’
  • ‘To be the first foreigner to complete the dauntingly long and dangerous journey along the entire Brahmaputra river is quite an accolade.’
  • ‘While that makes it cheaper than it has been for years for Britons to holiday abroad, it makes Yorkshire a dauntingly expensive destination for foreign tourists.’
  • ‘As in most of Polanski's films, the world is so dauntingly evil the protagonist grows incapable of imagining an alternative future.’
  • ‘The book is both dauntingly far-reaching in scope and intensely personal: it moves from political theory to cultural analysis to diaristic history in around 350 quick-moving pages.’
  • ‘From the outside it appeared dauntingly big and difficult to navigate through; however, this was not the case.’
  • ‘There's everything here from simple, sometimes amusing pieces, to more dauntingly experimental and harmonically challenging works.’
  • ‘As well organized and concisely accurate as it is, the book will still be dauntingly massive for many users pining for some simple, quick reference method for getting at specific features and techniques.’
  • ‘Very many people can quickly find themselves in a difficult financial situation, facing a dauntingly large number of monthly demands for payment from different creditors.’