Definition of dawdler in English:



See dawdle

  • ‘On Sunday, two boys and two girls were mixing with the general gathering - window-shoppers, dawdlers, and so on - carrying signboards that said, ‘crazy sales’.’
  • ‘After a 2 minute shuffle of dawdlers assembling themselves, Ms. Fellcart flicked on the over-head projector and began jotting down the groups.’
  • ‘Dalliers, dawdlers and daydreamers learn to camouflage their lack of achievement in torrents of words.’
  • ‘For early morning dawdlers, make sure that there is an established routine and that each child knows what is expected of him.’
  • ‘This means that the car threads through traffic with ease and overtakes dawdlers in a flash.’
  • ‘As he scrubbed shampoo quickly through his hair (he wasn't a dawdler showering type), he stared moodily out the small window out at the ocean.’