Definition of dawg in English:


Pronunciation /dôɡ/ /dɔɡ/ /dôːɡ/ /dɔːɡ/


informal US
nonstandard spelling of dog
‘Would I rather be called a bitch or a female dawg?’
  • ‘Because I was on a flight originating from Jamaica, all passengers from this flight had to walk in single file, so that the dawg could sniff us out.’
  • ‘I got some dawgs runnin’ around heah, and I don't know who dawgs they is, and they pit bulls, and I want somebody to come and get 'em.’
  • ‘I wouldn't give it to my dawgs or even my worst enemies,’ Xena said with vengeance.’
  • ‘Anyway, I'm tired like a dawg, so I am going to draw some Z's.’