Definition of dawn redwood in English:

dawn redwood

Pronunciation /dôn ˈredˌwo͝od/ /dɔn ˈrɛdˌwʊd/


  • A coniferous tree with deciduous needles, known only as a fossil until it was found growing in southwestern China in 1941.

    Also called metasequoia

    Metasequoia glyptostroboides, family Taxodiaceae

    ‘The famous giant redwood is a large evergreen conifer, whereas, in contrast, the dawn redwood is a deciduous conifer.’
    • ‘Now native only to China, the dawn redwood was the most common sequoia in North America during prehistoric times.’
    • ‘The two extinct species of Metasequoia were adapted to distinctly different swamp habitats, as are living dawn redwood compared with swamp cypress.’
    • ‘Along the trail, visitors can enjoy specimens such as the Indian horse chestnut, dawn redwood, autumn oaks and oriental hawthorns.’
    • ‘A towering dawn redwood, planted in the 1940s, graces the Garden's oak and conifer knoll.’
    • ‘Plants of the lower, wetter floodplains included dawn redwood, a Chinese relative of bald cypress, alder, a relative of witch hazel, and more than a hundred less-common species.’