Definition of day of reckoning in English:

day of reckoning

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  • The time when past mistakes or misdeeds must be punished or paid for; a testing time when the degree of one's success or failure will be revealed.

    ‘a day of reckoning will come for those in the security service’
    • ‘Sunday was a day of reckoning, when the harshness of this past winter's riding made itself known.’
    • ‘The worry is whether, given the huge imbalances in their economy, they may be postponing the day of reckoning.’
    • ‘The statute of limitations on war crimes does not run out, and the day of reckoning will come.’
    • ‘Economists say we may be headed toward a day of reckoning.’
    • ‘And that day of reckoning, I think, is starting to show up in the dropping re - enlistment rates.’
    • ‘If your employees don't do the work effectively or efficiently, then sooner or later the day of reckoning will come and the company will close.’
    • ‘He just hung on as long as he could until the day of reckoning.’
    • ‘But there comes the day of reckoning when statements drop through the letter box and interest charges and penalty payments are revealed.’
    • ‘There will be a day of reckoning for our lying Prime Minister.’
    • ‘Continue on as you have and a day of reckoning will find you.’
    • ‘Finally, Is the day of reckoning for Bangalore's honeymoon with the IT sector closer than we expect?’
    • ‘Some day, on that day of reckoning, they will have to account for their crime against human language!’
    • ‘If we continue along the pace we are now, it's unsustainable and there will have to be some day of reckoning.’
    • ‘After years of cavalier behaviour, the day of reckoning for the British insurance industry was long overdue.’
    • ‘Buy-to-let may have postponed our day of reckoning, but it's still coming - and soon.’
    • ‘When Jerry declines, Newman threatens him by shouting, ‘Your day of reckoning will come.’’
    • ‘This was the final hour, and his day of reckoning.’
    • ‘The day of reckoning cannot be postponed indefinitely.’
    • ‘The day of reckoning soon came; the computer leasing companies took large write-offs and the business disappeared.’
    • ‘But the decadence and blindness on display in that nation simply mean that the inevitable day of reckoning will be that much more convulsive.’
    judgement day, day of judgement, day of retribution, final accounting, final settlement
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