Definición de day school en inglés

day school

Pronunciación /ˈdā ˌsko͞ol/ /ˈdeɪ ˌskul/

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  • A nonresidential school, typically a private one.

    ‘I left boarding school at 16 to attend a day school to achieve the high academic standards necessary for my tertiary studies.’
    • ‘The day school at elementary as well as secondary levels was introduced in the era of prosperity in many European countries, and reduced family life during the day.’
    • ‘Cheryl attended a Catholic day school and her parents attended residential schools.’
    • ‘My oldest son, Alan, went to a public day school, and my daughter, Margaret, went away to board.’
    • ‘He attended a day school, but soon entered Eton College.’
    • ‘I attended public schools rather than our church's Christian day school.’
    • ‘The town has a hospital, a day school, and a new university.’
    • ‘I grew up in a conservative Jewish family, but was taught at an orthodox day school.’
    • ‘The other underlying reason is that students get to concentrate at their work at boarding more than they would at a day school.’
    • ‘The cost at a private day school averages something over £7,000.’
    • ‘St Peter's School in York is a co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged 4-18.’
    • ‘For my remaining four years I was a day student since JC had become a day school only.’
    • ‘The next week flew by quickly with Tari and Lori not going to their day school but spending all of their time either with their parents or their teachers.’
    • ‘The mixed independent preparatory day school is building four new classrooms and a specialist support classroom.’
    • ‘St Margaret's is mainly a day school, but it also has 14 places for boarders which it can offer on a flexible basis.’
    • ‘The church is 125 years old and has focused on children throughout its existence, opening a day school in 1885.’
    • ‘The council insisted Jordan attend a cheaper day school in Kingston even though it had previously agreed that a boarding place was needed.’
    • ‘We're talking about an all-girl day school here, so there was little possibility of rekindling a teenage romance.’
    • ‘The family home might be in Edinburgh along with the traditional day school, but the children might now board there a couple of nights a week.’
    • ‘Michael attended a day school where he learnt to read, write and count.’