Definition of dazibao in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdädzēˈbou/ /ˌdɑdziˈbaʊ/


  • (in the People's Republic of China) a wall poster written in large characters.

    ‘every night after dinner we carried flashlights to the campus to read the dazibao’
    • ‘Because of these unique characteristics dazibao represent one of the few effective vestiges of free speech that may be used to voice political dissent in China.’
    • ‘One of the ‘four great rights’ in the 1975 state constitution was the right to write dazibao.’
    • ‘During the past fifty years, the writing of big character posters (dazibao) has emerged as a principle form of political expression in the People's Republic of China.’
    • ‘Moreover, buildings, squares and even pavements were covered in dazibao.’
    • ‘During the Cultural Revolution, he warned me, who every day went to post dazibao on the city walls.’
    notice, placard, public notice, bill, sign, advertisement, announcement, affiche, playbill, sticker


Chinese, from dà ‘big’ + zi ‘character’ + bào ‘newspaper or poster’.