Definition of dazzlement in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdazəlmənt/ /ˈdæzəlmənt/


See dazzle

‘The Ligeti, done with the soloist Christian Tetzlaff, was sheer dazzlement, a brilliantly ingenious manipulation of remote sonorities.’
  • ‘But at night they saw the world in an infinite variety of blacks, whites, and grays, and with a sharpness and clarity that the dazzlement of color often hides from normal-sighted people.’
  • ‘The 50th Anniversary of Taylor's own company joyously offers a body of work here-including a small, precious dazzlement of masterpieces - to be maintained.’
  • ‘What, then, is there between clarity and dazzlement?’
  • ‘I think cathedrals were designed so that we could be experiencing the dazzlement of the whole cosmos, which is really too much for anybody to take.’