Definition of de-alcoholize in English:


(British de-alcoholise)

Pronunciation /dēˈalkəhôˌlīz/ /diˈælkəhɔˌlaɪz/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Remove the alcohol from (a normally alcoholic drink)

    ‘winemakers could allow the fermentation to go to completion and then partially de-alcoholize the wine’
    • ‘About five cheeseburgers later I was ready for the ER myself, so I grabbed a de-alcoholized beer and headed upstairs to watch some action.’
    • ‘So colorful, alcohol-free concoctions are part of the game plan, as is de-alcoholized wine and beer.’
    • ‘Alcohol-free and de-alcoholised drinks have about a third of the calories of their alcoholic equivalent.’
    • ‘Sparkling wines are the most popular de-alcoholized wines, but other varieties are also available.’
    • ‘I'm sure the base wine was poor to start with, but the de-alcoholizing process made it worse.’
    • ‘Our alcohol-free and de-alcoholised wines and beers can also be enjoyed without fear of harming the unborn child.’
    • ‘Is it due to modern technology, allowing winemakers to pick very late and then de-alcoholize the finished wine?’
    • ‘First, the de-alcoholizing process is intrusive and seems to damage the wine, even though the makers claim otherwise.’
    • ‘They installed expensive de-alcoholizing machinery and turned out a brand of ‘near beer’ that found popular favor from the very start.’
    • ‘As a rule we've stopped sterile filtering and de-alcoholizing our wines, as doing so stripped them of flavor, structure, richness, and complex mouth feel.’
    • ‘We lower the level of alcohol by de-alcoholizing the wine.’
    • ‘The goods in issue are red, white, rosé and sparkling de-alcoholized wines.’
    • ‘They then asked 5 men and 4 women, all healthy, to drink about a one-half cup of the de-alcoholised wine, with water added on one day and water and ethanol added on the other.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the genuine beer was produced in the same vats, but before it went through the de-alcoholizing process, it was pumped by underground pipes to bottling plants, sometimes miles away.’
    • ‘To de-alcoholize a wine might be an option available to the winemaker.’
    • ‘The de-alcoholised wine and the flavour are then blended with the bulk of the wine to give a finished product at the desired ethanol content.’
    • ‘For your drivers to enjoy a glass of wine with their meal, we can now offer the following de-alcoholised wines, which are a long way removed from the early alcohol-free varieties.’