Definición de de jure en Inglés

de jure

Pronunciación /di ˈjo͝orē/ /dɪ ˈdʒʊri/ /dā ˈjo͝oˌrā/ /deɪ ˈdʒʊˌreɪ/

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  • According to rightful entitlement or claim; by right.

    Often contrasted with de facto

    ‘the resolution declared that the independent Republic of Latvia proclaimed on November 18, 1918 was still in existence de jure’
    • ‘Now it has to be done de jure (by law), so it can become official.’
    by right, rightfully, legally, according to the law
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  • Denoting something or someone that is rightfully such.

    ‘he had been de jure king since his father's death’
    • ‘What is also forgotten in all of this is how fragile the de jure standards have been in the past.’
    • ‘For example, in everyday discourse, when one speaks of a corporation or a government, the understood meaning is a de jure corporation or a de jure government.’
    • ‘A government de jure, but not de facto, is one deemed lawful, which has been supplanted; a government de jure and also de facto is one deemed lawful, which is present or established.’
    • ‘De facto theories give the meaning of a word in terms of how it is actually used; de jure theories give it in terms of how it should be used, claiming that actual usage may be incorrect.’
    rightful, legal
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Latin, literally ‘of law’.