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  • An Old World plant of the mint family, with leaves that resemble those of a nettle but lack stinging hairs.

    Lamium and related genera, family Labiatae: several species, including the common white dead-nettle (L. album)

    ‘Red dead-nettle is common in cereals where it has benefited from the control of more competitive weeds.’
    • ‘In the past red and white dead-nettles have been cooked like spinach but they're probably don't come into the gourmet class as they've also been used in making pig-swill.’
    • ‘The flowering of daffodils and white dead-nettles has been observed at Christmas, and in parts of Scotland people now cut their grass in winter.’
    • ‘Stronger than flax, fiber from white dead-nettle was also spun into fishing nets by North American Indians, through a process of decay rather than retting.’
    • ‘A few have had minor usage in herbal medicine (such as Lamium album; white dead-nettle).’



/ˈdedˌnedl/ /ˈdɛdˌnɛdl/