Definition of deadbolt in English:



North American
  • A bolt engaged by turning a knob or key, rather than by spring action; a deadlock.

    • ‘When you turn the key from the outside, it releases both the knob and the deadbolt.’
    • ‘Therefore, my front and rear doors are both equipped with double cylinder deadbolts, locks that require a key on the inside.’
    • ‘Slowly, I reached out to shut off the ringer on the phone, then went to the door and made sure that all the deadbolts and double locks were securely in place.’
    • ‘The sound of deadbolts locking echoed throughout the room, and great mechanical noises came through the window.’
    • ‘My brother locked all three locks - padlock, deadbolt, knob - on our door and made his way slowly into the apartment, stopping when he caught sight of me.’
    • ‘The most common mistakes in installing a deadbolt or entrance lock are covered under the individual steps below.’
    • ‘The door, designed to withstand small-arms fire and intense heat and shock, also has a digital lock and a steel deadbolt.’
    • ‘A deadbolt locked it, and a small peephole was carved at average head height.’
    • ‘I stepped inside to find the entire house dark, so I locked the deadbolt behind me.’
    • ‘So I nodded, and expecting her to tell me later, we ran inside and locked the deadbolt.’
    • ‘Jessica burst through the door of her home and slammed it behind her, locking each of the chains, locks, and deadbolts on it.’
    • ‘Smashing padlocks and deadbolts, the men checked for booby traps as they felt their way by flashlight from room to room.’
    • ‘It's part of the new Schlage Accents Collection, which offers complete handle sets, knobs, levers, and deadbolts for any decor.’
    • ‘Electronic deadbolts, like their standard lock counterparts, require activation from both sides to allow passage through the doorway.’
    • ‘Doors with glass panes require a double-cylinder deadbolt to prevent someone from breaking the glass, reaching in and unlocking the door.’
    • ‘I walked towards the door and made sure it was locked and the deadbolt was in place.’
    • ‘It was always his habit to lock everything, and since David Lash's remodeling of the living room, Jim had put in stronger deadbolts.’
    • ‘Once in, I flipped the deadbolt and checked the windows.’
    • ‘The chambers inside the deadbolt clicked and unlocked.’
    • ‘He heard the sound of the deadbolt sliding into place before she moved toward the wall at the bottom of the steps.’