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  • 1Sailing
    A circular wooden block with a groove around the circumference to take a lanyard, used singly or in pairs to tighten a shroud.

    ‘Every plank and rib, deadeye and curb were built according to the detailed plans of Bombigher.’
    • ‘In addition to these objects of women's interest, there are several tokens of men's concerns: a model of the ship Minerva, a deadeye, and a delicately carved game box.’
    • ‘Here we find deadeyes and pulleys still attached to the hull.’
    • ‘But the greatest find of all was a half buried deadeye — an important find on any sunken ship — attached to the side of the vessel.’
  • 2North American informal An expert marksman.

    • ‘Chuck here is a deadeye’
    • ‘a successful field goal requires a deadeye kick’
    • ‘Smith, on the other hand, is a deadeye marksman a step past his prime, requiring help from his teammates to get the space he needs to fire away.’
    • ‘Two and a half years ago, as the primary complement to Garnett in the team's offensive sets, the deadeye shooter was proficient enough to be chosen to the NBA All-Star Team.’
    • ‘Buechler is a smart, valuable role player, an excellent defender and, until this season, a deadeye jump shooter.’
    • ‘He's also a deadeye shooter from 3-point range and is not afraid to take big shots.’
    • ‘Even reserve guard Dell Curry, not a day over 147 years old, remains a deadeye sniper.’
    • ‘G Anthony Roberson is a deadeye shooter and an explosive scorer.’
    • ‘His extraordinary 65.1% shooting was less a testament to his deadeye accuracy than it was his unwillingness to take a good shot when a teammate had a better one.’
    • ‘Jones gives the Grizzlies another deadeye shooter, and he still can get to the basket at 34.’
    • ‘On a night when his team needed goals to reach the quarter-finals, their lack of a deadeye striker cost them dear.’
    • ‘Who will forget Trent Bartlett's palm, pivot and deadeye shot on goal in that final quarter?’
    • ‘Imperial Storm Troopers are deadeyes compared to these clowns.’
    • ‘Glen Rice was a proven 20-point scorer and a 3-point deadeye in Miami and Charlotte, but in both cases, he was the best scorer on the team, so he got his shots.’
    • ‘The Nittany Lions have one of the best scorers in the game in junior deadeye Kelly Mazzante, who's never seen a shot she hasn't liked.’
    • ‘This wandering elf is a deadeye shot and accomplished woodsman.’



/ˈdedī/ /ˈdɛdaɪ/