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  • 1North American A trap consisting of a heavy weight positioned to fall on an animal.

    ‘They also utilized two kinds of traps, the deadfall and the twitch-up snare.’
    • ‘The ngosha is at the same time a very tasty bird that is an important source of protein, especially for young children who trap them in fields with deadfalls (mariya).’
    • ‘I've drawn up plans for pits and deadfalls, as well as tracked paths for falling trees and boulders.’
    • ‘The materials for construction of snares and deadfalls are found in the field or are easily carried in the pocket.’
    • ‘They were too cunning to go into deadfalls.’
    • ‘Use any pitfall, deadfall, snare, catch, trap, net, exposed salt or minerals, live decoy, or baited hook.’
    • ‘The Paiute deadfall uses a piece of cordage and a catch stick.’
  • 2North American A tangled mass of fallen trees and brush.

    ‘the brush and deadfall along the river stopped us cold’
    • ‘The next hour was spent gathering up all the brush and deadfall we could find.’
    • ‘When we were doing one of our training days we couldn't get through because there's deadfall down across the river and it's a narrow channel.’
    • ‘Traversing wooded areas with dense tree cover or deadfall required numerous minor detours.’
    • ‘Wolke told them the name of the lake and added, ‘Lots of deadfall.’’
    • ‘Slowly she wanders across the bluff looking for deadfall to build a small fire.’
    • ‘Ten minutes later, we had a nice large pile of deadfall… and rocks.’
    • ‘We crawled over some deadfall and peeked into the meadow and there they were - 15 bull elk.’
    • ‘When I am moving stumps or deadfall out of my way, it is way easier to see what I am doing.’
    • ‘They can move quickly and silently through deadfalls that you couldn't even begin to penetrate on a motocross bike.’
    • ‘In the clear water, salmon-size steelhead trout, minutes out of the Pacific, surged from our shadows or eased through deadfalls.’
    • ‘Struggling through deadfall and patches of snow, we eventually pick up a trail of pink ribbons.’
    • ‘After slugging through deadfall for two hours I reached a ridge overlooking the trail.’
    • ‘Our dogs romp their way over deadfall and through the undergrowth chasing out birds and critters with much glee.’
    1. 2.1A fallen tree.
      ‘the deadfall was a poplar about ten inches in diameter’
      • ‘The slough holds white crappie, and this time of year it's common for them to gather in groups around deadfalls, cypress, flooded willows and other cover in the shallows.’
      • ‘She'd found plenty of driftwood and deadfalls in the vicinity of the gazebo, enough to construct a crude lean-to on the creek bank.’
      • ‘The variety of shelters built is great - some use deadfalls, others tunnel into snowbanks.’
      • ‘Further on, a brood of new-from-the-box Wood Ducks sat on a deadfall, with Mama Duck roosting on one end.’
      • ‘Some are trail-worn twenty-somethings from the Forest Service, who turn up to dig out a rockslide, cut back a deadfall, or rescue a stranded hiker.’
      • ‘"We didn't want to make them fancy, with chipped gravel and all, " says Harold. " We just put in boardwalks in wet spots and cleaned out hazards and deadfalls.’
      • ‘A few deadfall aspens were cut up and burned.’
      • ‘There are a fair number of deadfalls, including some very large ones blocking the trail.’



/ˈdedfôl/ /ˈdɛdfɔl/