Definition of deadly sin in English:

deadly sin


  • (in Christian tradition) a sin regarded as leading to damnation, especially one of a traditional list of seven.

    ‘But what should today's list of deadly sins include?’
    • ‘But as someone who has been known to buy new underwear to avoid having to do a load of wash, I believe sloth should be stricken from the list of deadly sins.’
    • ‘Based on a book by Maurine Dallas Watkins about a true story from 1926, it rollicks with elements of pretty well all seven of the deadly sins.’
    • ‘Most people indulge in small gross acts which cannot be called crimes or deadly sins.’
    • ‘Procrastination was on the list to become the eighth deadly sin, but they couldn't make up their minds.’
    • ‘It is peculiar that while the physical penalties of gluttony may be the heaviest of all the deadly sins, it is the sin that deposits the least guilt.’
    • ‘The deadly sins start to take over… pride, lust, greed, envy, gluttony, sloth, and wrath… all the things that you might expect from an ogre but were never true of Shrek.’
    • ‘By the same token, he considered pride the worst of the deadly sins: ‘the prime plague and begetter of all others,’ as Raphael Hythloday says at the end of Utopia.’
    • ‘Grossly overweight, chain smoker, heavy drinker, compulsive gambler, adulterer, arrogant and domineering, he seemed to be working his way through each of the deadly sins.’
    • ‘Viewing pornography and lying aren't exactly deadly sins, but Americans have labeled them the top two most deplorable behaviors a person can engage in.’
    • ‘And why did he think sloth the worst of all the deadly sins?’
    • ‘For conservatives, the deadly sins are obvious: sloth and greed.’
    • ‘Like all the deadly sins, it seems like a good idea at the time.’
    • ‘This is a memoir of a man lucky enough to get away with actually losing money and lucky enough to get away with indulging a handful of deadly sins.’
    • ‘A tale of several deadly sins - every one, really, but lust, which was replaced by bloodlust.’
    • ‘So now I'm suffering the effects of one of the deadly sins, gluttony.’
    • ‘St Thomas Aquinas, the medieval theologian who shaped society's thinking on the deadly sins, rated pride as the worst of all.’
    • ‘Sloth, the biblical term for laziness, is one of the deadly sins.’
    • ‘In modern society, this translates into avarice, wrath, lust, gluttony and the other deadly sins.’
    • ‘Pride becomes a deadly sin when it poisons our virtues.’


deadly sin

/ˈdedlē sin/ /ˈdɛdli sɪn/