Definition of deadman in English:



  • An object buried in or secured to the ground for the purpose of providing anchorage or leverage.

    ‘Lumber was the choice of bracing by 64% of the respondents, cables and deadmen by 27%, and tilt-up braces by 18% (percents exceed 100 because some contractors used more than one type).’
    • ‘Wind blowing onto the front face of the panel will result in a compressive force in the brace which will tend to push the deadman further into the ground.’
    • ‘The form section was restrained temporarily by two wooden kickers or support beams braced against a concrete dead-man, which was anchored to the ground.’
    • ‘Erection began by tilting up a shorter 20-foot-4-inch wide panel, which was braced to a deadman.’



/ˈdedman/ /ˈdɛdmæn/