Definition of deaeration in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdē-erˈāSHən/


See deaerate

‘There are four basic steps in boiler water treatment programs: clarification, demineralization and softening, deaeration, and the addition of amines.’
  • ‘Mechanical and chemical deaeration is an integral part of modern boiler water protection and control.’
  • ‘It is essential that sufficient venting is provided at all times or deaeration will be incomplete.’
  • ‘These results strikingly demonstrate the benefits of using an online gas analyzing system for optimizing stock deaeration which are reflected in cost savings and enhanced process stability.’
  • ‘To make deaeration of boiler-house supplying water better, water is to be heated up to the temperature + 30°C - + 80°C before deaerator input.’